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PWM/MPPT Solar Charge Controller with remote monitoring Manufacturer

With in-house R&D facility and quick turnaround time, we can design and produce products as per customers' requirement in bulk quantity in short period of time.

In the field of solar pv, we have designed and developed products for solar applications like PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers, Remote Monitoring System based solar charge controllers, Lithium battery solar street lights, solar smart hybrid street lights, solar off grid systems, solar high mast lights, solar bus shelters, solar UV lights for agriculture and more.
Macon is also into design and development work for bulk quantity orders where customized products are developed as per customers’ requirement for any solar pv or embedded technology applications. Write to us if any customization is required for our existing products or need completely new product.

To ensure quality, our products are certified as per IEC standards. We are also member of The World Alliance of Solar Impulse Foundation, Switzerland and our product, Solar Hybrid Smart Street Light is part of #1000 Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. We have hereby also become participants of the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals #7: Clean and Affordable Energy for all.

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Quality Comes First! We Build the best products that creates the most value for our customers, ensure highest quality standards at every stage, use business to inspire and implement environmentally friendly solutions.

Innovative Solutions

Solar charge controllers come with remote monitoring system compatible with 4G, WiFi, RF, Zigbee, BLE, SCADA. Parameters of current and voltage of solar panel, battery, load can be seen remotely. The load can also be controlled remotely.

Hybrid Solar Charge Controllers are used where priority is given to solar while grid supply is used as back-up. This is available for hybrid solar street lights, hybrid solar high mast and can also be customized for any other application also.

Quality Unsurpassed

Products conform to global IEC Standards for solar products. Certifications have been received for IEC, CE, RETS, BIS.

We also custom built products for specific applications as per customers' requirements.