Solar Charge Controller manufacturer

Manufacturers of PWM/MPPT Solar Charge Controllers and solar pv products

Solar charge controllers for on/off grid applications, solar lighting, solar hybrid charge controllers conforming to IEC standards.

In the field of solar pv, we have designed and developed products for solar applications like PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers, hybrid solar charge controllers, solar charge controllers with Remote Monitoring System, Lithium battery solar street lights, solar hybrid smart street lights, solar off grid systems, solar high mast lights, solar UV lights for agriculture and several other custom built solutions in field of solar pv. Our products are also part of global 1000 solutions selected by  Solar Impulse Foundation. PWM/MPPT Solar charge controllers come with optional remote monitoring system compatible with 4G, WiFi, RF, Zigbee, BLE, SCADA. These are compatible for all types of batteries like VRLA, Li-ion, LiFePO4 and designed to work in varied applications.

Our Products

We have manufactured several solar charge controllers and solar pv products with industry first features. These conform to quality standards of IEC, CE, RETS, BIS.

Solar Charge Controllers PWM/MPPT

Solar Charge Controllers in PWM and MPPT for solar off-grid solutions for 12V/24V nominal system voltage. Supports VRLA, Li-ion, LiFePO4 batteries. Also comes with dusk to dawn switch to operate as per requirement.

MPPT Solar Hybrid Charge Controllers

MPPT Solar Hybrid Charge Controllers are used in solar system which works on solar + grid supply with solar priority and grid supply as backup.

Solar Street Light/Solar High Mast Controllers

MPPT solar charge controllers with integrated LED buck driver for solar lighting applications designed for LED solar street light, solar high mast lights. Comes with on-board user selectable LED wattage, dimming, timer, battery type selection. Available from 9W to 160W with solar panel support of upto 650Wp.

We are also into design and development work for bulk quantity orders where customized products are developed as per customers' requirement for any solar pv or embedded technology applications.

Solar Applications

Hybrid Solar Street Light Driver

MPPT Solar Hybrid Charge Controllers with solar priority with grid supply as backup. Real time solar panel tracking for higher charging efficiency. Optional remote monitoring function for monitoring load, battery, solar panel, grid supply. Versions also available for solar hybrid smart street lights for 40W to 160W LED, and solar panel support of upto 650Wp.

mppt solar charge controller

Solar off grid solutions for remote locations designed to work in extreme weather conditions across all types of geographical topography.  PWM, MPPT solar charge controllers with remote monitoring suitable for lead acid, Lithium batteries with battery selection mode. Available in 6V/12V/24V. Independent 3 load outputs, dusk to dawn selection switch.

solar led street lights

Solar street light controllers with user selectable light wattage selection, dimming, timer. P&O MPPT solar charge controller with built-in LED drivers, PIR motion sensors for solar street light, solar high mast. Complete solar street light system also available from LED street light of 12W to 200W. Remote monitoring feature to see status/wattage of light, current and voltage of battery and solar panel.

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