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MPPT Solar Charge Controller for lithium battery
MPPT/PWM Solar Charge Controller

PWM MPPT Solar Charge Controller

PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers for off grid solar photovoltaics (PV) applications like solar home light system, solar bus shelters, solar hoardings and similar off grid solar systems. These come with multiple independent outputs so that different types of loads can be connected to same charge controller, temperature compensation, USB output, user selectable dusk to dawn mode, independent load dimming switch. They can be further modified as per requirement for any specific applications as well. Designed for nominal system voltage of 12V/24V. Industrial/defense grade components used ensuring high reliability. These solar charge controllers supports VRLA/Li-ion/LiFePO4 batteries with battery selection switch.
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Solar LED Street Lights
9W-150W Solar LED Street Lights

Solar Street Light Charge Controller

These are PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers for Solar lighting applications like Solar Street Light and Solar High Mast with built-in LED Drivers for LED wattage of 9W to 150W having solar pv panel support of up to 650Wp, user selectable load/LED wattage with built-in high efficiency constant current buck LED driver, selectable multi dimming modes, temperature compensation, timer, optional PIR motion sensor, independent output for secondary load like CCTV. There are solutions for all types of solar street light/solar high mast charge controllers supporting VRLA/Li-ion/LFP batteries with battery selection switch. These also have UART output consisting of multiple system parameters for IoT applications for remote monitoring system.
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Solar Hybrid Street Light

The solar hybrid street lights offer the best of both worlds: Runs on solar power having solar priority and switches load to grid supply incase battery drains out under rare condition ensuring highly reliable performance across all weather conditions. This helps reduce carbon footprint and close to zero grid electricity consumption. High efficiency intelligent P&O MPPT solar charge controllers are used. Supports up to 150W LED with built-in high efficiency constant current buck LED driver, 650Wp solar pv panel. Also has optional PIR motion sensor, and dedicated secondary output to connect independent loads like CCTV cameras using the same system. Industrial/defense grade components are used for high reliability. Supports VRLA/Li-ion/LiFePO4 batteries. These come with UART output with major system parameters for use in remote monitoring system.
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Manufacturers of PWM/MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Solar Hybrid Street Light/High Mast Light

P&O MPPT Solar Hybrid Street Light Charge Controller has solar priority with grid supply as back up

Our Solar Hybrid Street Light is Solar Impulse Foundation labelled solution

In the field of solar pv, we have designed and developed products for applications in off-grid power generation, solar lighting, shipping ports, roads, railways, airports, industrial, agriculture & defense.

Macon is also into customized product design and manufacturing for bulk quantity orders. Trusted by renowned OEMs in India and outside, the company exports to several countries globally. Focus is on quality control and assurance at every step of manufacturing and testing.
The products have been certified as per IEC, RETS, CE standards.

Solar Impulse Solution Certificate


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